DIPTYQUE AUDIO DP77 Anniversary – Clarity and serenity of sound

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The world of loudspeakers is incredibly rich.

The 35,000 manufacturers around the world do not fully explain this impressive diversity on their own.
It is also necessary to count on the technical proposals which are sometimes surprising, as well as interesting.

Amongst all these productions on offer, there is one category of loudspeakers that has a lot of followers: the so-called flat or panel loudspeakers.

Of course, there are quite a few manufacturers in this category, both experienced and well-known. All these contenders will introduce you to truly innovative technological and commercial concepts. The aesthetic and sound reproduction results need no introduction. They have delighted many music lovers.

In the same way, there are just as many detractors as there are lovers of electrostatic loudspeakers or planar magnetic systems.

You can find talented craftsmen and brands all over the world with whom you can easily travel according to your sonic desires.

But what if we were simply to set down in France, close to home ?

Indeed, in this globalized world of HiFi and panel speakers, you sometimes don’t have to go that far to discover quality products made exclusively in France.

DIPTYQUE AUDIO was born in the south-west of France, in a region that already exports a lot of things, between its culinary specialities and its high-tech industry.

Two enthusiasts have merged their desires and their know-how to offer us some of these products that are not easy to forget, so much so that we find in the listening of these acoustic phalanxes, this passion which knows how to bring a listening of a great beauty.

Rather than present the range produced by DIPTYQUE AUDIO and the irreproachable quality of what is offered, we preferred to talk to you about the entry-level model, which, as you will see with us, is far from being ridiculous. We have therefore named the DP77 Anniversary.




Made of the finest materials, the look of this model cannot leave one indifferent. Wood and metal blend harmoniously and give an impression of quality and sturdiness of manufacture.



Be careful not to be distracted by this aspect.

The DP77 Anniversary appears visually solid, which it is in reality. Because with its good twenty kilos once assembled, it is not a featherweight.



The DP77 Anniversary deserves to be associated with an amplifier that is capable of giving it its due. Very subtle in its sound signature, as we will see, it will only shine in its most beautiful finery when an electronic system is able to serve it well.

In the same way, a good level source will also be of good use to make the most of it. It would be a shame not to be able to extract what it is capable of doing.



The DIPTYQUE AUDIO team has invested its time and talent in this latest evolution of the DP77. And it must be said that they have done wonders.



Brand new, out of the box, the DP77s are distinguished by their sonic subtlety, which is pushed very far. The listening experience is immediately very serene, an aspect to which the entire Audio Design Sound team is particularly sensitive.
What is immediately striking is the midrange and treble register. The holding of the voices is quite exceptional, the fruity high frequencies are a delight for the ears, and the tonal accuracy over the whole bandwidth is of a very good level.

However, the bass is also very present. Although not spectacular, they offer a rather physical register, with a very natural feel that puts many recordings in their place, as we shall see.

In other words, with the DIPTYQUE DP77 Anniversary, the entire bandwidth is treated with respect and transparency. We defy anyone to find the slightest blister in the sound reproduction or a piece of the sound spectrum that might be off.

So, will you join us for a musical excursion?

With our friends at Qobuz, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to testing out these shapely little ones.

Let’s start with Buddy Guy and his album « Blues Singer ». We love Buddy GUY whose quality recordings are not the least of his merits. Here, everything is in its place with a voice that is both present and has a lot of substance. The accompanists are not to be outdone and the sound stage is both present and well spread out in space. The reverberation of this album enchants our ears eager for naturalness. We are not disappointed. The guitar attacks are perfect, which shows that our DP77s are capable of following fast amplifications without drag.




Adrien La Marca has concocted a particularly endearing « Heroes » album that we warmly recommend. We particularly liked « On the Reel » for the melodic line but above all for the orchestra’s deployment in credible dimensions. The DIPTYQUE DP77 Anniversary did not disappoint us either. The impression of space in the soundstage is very well represented and the orchestra’s pupitration appears faithful to the reality of a concert hall. Adrien La Marca’s playing is easily perceptible and the velvety quality of the violin and its harmonics make the instrument very pleasant to listen to.



Mikhail Pletnev in SCHUMANN’s « Symphonic Etudes » is splendidly rendered with the DP77. The grain of the voice is truly superb and here too, all the harmonics appear in a stimulating richness of listening. The piano, so difficult to render in our high-fidelity ensembles, is rendered with credible dimensions. But the silkiness combined with the incomparable dynamics offered here is particularly noteworthy. The impression of the piano’s presence is delightful.




Coldplay with its album « A Rush of Blood to the Head » is not to be outdone in terms of recording quality. We must thank Qobuz for having done a great job on this digitised audio album. The DP77 10th Anniversary delivers a tonic and velvety listening experience. Once again, we can see their ability to follow the melodic lines of each track, even those that could be described as busy. The rapid extinction of the notes offers ample sound perspectives with air that circulates well between the performers.



Kei Koïto takes care to offer us the best sound perspectives on each of his albums, which are particularly well done in terms of sound recording. « Organ Masterworks, Volume IV » is no exception to the rule.
Some of you might accuse us of being a little optimistic about the DP77 Anniversary’s ability to convey the power and complexity of an organ.



Of course, our valiant DP77s will probably not be able to measure up to better armed competitors.
But the overall result is far from being ridiculous.
The physical feeling of the organ is particularly well reproduced. And the harmonics of the instrument are rendered with a truly remarkable richness and level of finesse. What is particularly interesting when listening to this album is the feeling of space that one perceives when listening. The organ is ample and radiates as it should in a truly three-dimensional space.

The DIPTYQUE DP77 Anniversary are really pleasant companions on the road.

Universal both in terms of the combinations that can be envisaged with electronics and the musical styles that can be listened to with them, they offer a level of sonic finesse that many predecessors would like to match.
The bass range is not ridiculous, knowing that the respect pushed very far of all the bandwidth allows to enjoy listening in the mediums and the highs of a seizing realism.

We would add that the quality/price ratio is really excellent.

There is no doubt that these beautiful speakers will be with you for a long time, especially as it will be very difficult to damage them – even on purpose – given the first class materials used.


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