Loudspeakers to get to know and listen : SONOR AUDIO CLARO 8.2 (English version)

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It is with undisguised pleasure that we are finally going to be able to respond today to some of our detractors (very few in number, it is true), who reproach us for only talking about what we offer for sale.


So, of course, this is a question that we have already addressed in a previous article, explaining the reasons that dictate our choices.


But today we are going to present you a product that we don’t (yet) have in our catalogue.



And with good reason. It is not yet distributed in France.



So how could Audio Design Sound talk about it therefore ?



Well quite simply, for the reason that we have been asked to be able to test it in an exclusive way, for the first time in our country.



Well, then, let’s make the presentations.



The SONOR AUDIO CLARO 8.2 are loudspeakers made in South Africa.



They top off the range of the manufacturer, which already enjoys great popularity in many countries, particularly in Europe.

The CLARO range includes no less than 4 floorstanding loudspeakers !



53 kg on the scale, 130 cm high, exemplary workmanship, it goes without saying that the CLARO 8.2’s are already looking good just by looking at them.


If you already find them aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be able to see for yourself that they’re a real eye-catcher.



But before you can listen to these two beauties, a bit of work awaits you. It’s not easy to get out of the wooden crates. They are well packed, the buggers !


Then you have to assemble the solid wooden bases and install the spikes.


Come on, a little more elbow grease and we’re almost there!



Look how good they look !



As soon as they are installed, they are immediately ready to listen.





First of all, we notice that listening at the checkout is not at all unpleasant. The bass frequencies are well seated. The high frequencies are rather pleasant and the mid-range frequencies do not make your ears tense. That’s already something.

A good hundred hours of listening later, everything falls into place.

The CLARO 8.2’s are a little higher on their tips, and they offer a very airy sound reproduction with a good respect for the timbre. The voices are now better posed with a regression of the projection which had been noticed at the beginning. They blend much better with the substrates of the recordings and the instrumental supports wanted by the sound engineers.



The instruments now acquire a realistic presence, reinforced by a very fine grain and spectral richness. The CLARO 8.2 are not to be outdone in terms of sound density. The impression that each instrument has its own sound is not a vain word, whether on ethereal formations or more consistent with a symphony orchestra. The sound plans are also perfectly reproduced and respect the volumes of the recording rooms. A special mention should be given to the sound level that CLARO 8.2 is capable of; an aspect that is most often found on much more expensive loudspeakers.


However, the most characteristic feature is the ability of CLARO 8.2’s to deliver bass in a particularly physical way. The SONOR AUDIO is probably not the lowest speaker on the market, but it does so with brilliance and talent. The percussions are particularly emphasized there with a transmission of energy which is really remarkable.



We invite you to see for yourself.

Johannes BRAHMS’ Piano Concerto No. 1 performed by Bernard HAITINK at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam shines brightly. The sound stage is well encamped, in vast and realistic dimensions. The score offers a wealth of orchestral palettes that are both lively and dynamic. The airiness of CLARO 8.2 can be felt without a doubt. The tuttis are majestic and one lets oneself be carried away effortlessly by this score full of life.



Thus Zarathoustra by Richard STRAUSS, performed by Lorin Maazel is in the same vein. The inaugural piece with the organ that concludes it, rises up with a lot of material and harmonic richness. The orchestra is not to be outdone with a very fine lectern which allows one to enjoy the strings in the first row, as well as the wind instruments or the percussion instruments at the back.




Let’s change the sound universe with PUCCINI and La Bohème interpreted by Colin Davis.

We like this recording which has a stage effect and a rather remarkable textural richness. The sound engineers knew how to do it at the time.

The SONOR AUDIO CLARO 8.2 gives us the benefit of a three-dimensionality of high sonic interest. The depth and pitch of the sound are vast and realistic. The end of the first act with the children’s choir coming from the back of the stage and moving from one side to the other brings a strikingly natural effect. The brass instruments are shimmering to perfection and the strings offer a particularly enjoyable density of sound. All you have to do is close your eyes to be transported to the very heart of the score.




Mefistofele by BOÏTO performed by Guiseppe Patané is one of those « trap » recordings with a high-frequency overflow that can make listening a little hard on speakers radiating at the top of the spectrum.

There is none of that here. Even in the final part of the work, where the voices, orchestra and choir blend majestically to give us a complex sound texture but with a beautiful degree of resolution. Here too, the low frequencies are well held and express a transmission of energy that contributes to the immersion in this highly emotional work.



The harmonics of a piano have not been an obstacle for CLARO 8.2 either. When Pletnev plays SCHUMANN, the artist’s playing is deployed with emphasis and the course of the hands on the keyboard is faithfully reproduced. This recording, which is more complex than one might think to be reproduced transparently, has in any case not detracted from the CLARO 8.2s, who have managed to breathe life into this delectable album without difficulty. Not only are the piano harmonics superbly rendered, but the listener is also treated to all the subtlety of the instrument. Indeed, listening to this album, we were able to realize the capacities of CLARO 8.2 to follow very quickly what was submitted to it. As much to say that the extinction of the notes is remarkable, which induces an aeration of the recording which is very true.




The Quartetto Italiano with its interpretation of Death and the Maiden of SCHUBERT confirms our previous impressions in every respect. Really, what spontaneity !

The sound of the Quartetto Italiano is simply breathtakingly natural and lively.

It leaps and bounds subtly at the same time. The sound density of the performers borders on perfection and we drink every sound inflection of this magnificent score. And once again, this sensation of the air flowing between the performers makes it a purely enjoyable moment of hearing!

A good loudspeaker is quite simply to plunge without question into each recording and to (re)discover it each time with childlike pleasure.



The Oscar Petersen Trio will not disturb this pleasant sensation that will have been with us all along these listenings. Naturalness rubs shoulders with brio with equal happiness. We also find here the very realistic materiality of the instruments. The playing of each performer follows each other without any effort. And the immersion is all the more pleasant. Oscar Petersen’s counter-bass is returned to us here with a radiant energy that is physically perceptible. The monitoring of the instrument’s harmonics is a delight at all times.



So of course, we couldn’t fail to explore the low frequencies a bit more with the two London Grammar albums or even with Kraftwerk.



We can assure you that the CLARO 8.2 are… serious!


Even when the volume rises (and not just a little), the two columns follow straight on without failing. The infra lows are finely restored, with ardour and without excess.


The selling price of these loudspeakers is around 7000,00 euros in the countries where they are already sold, we can already affirm you that they offer a first-rate quality/price ratio. They may even put many of our predecessors in great difficulty with what they are capable of delivering.




In this already expensive price niche, we can easily say that CLARO 8.2 will easily be able to move into the « value for money » category.



Although they are not yet available in France, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be able to help you find a brand new pair that will give you a lot of pleasure.



Specification Valeurs
Dimensions 1280 x 255 x 470
Weight 53 Kg par enceinte
Impédence 6 Ohm
Frequency Range 30 – 22 KHz +/- 3dB
Power Handling 200 watt
HP Woofer 220mm, Tweeter 38mm
Low Frequency Alignment Bass Reflex / Ported
Cross-over Point 2.5 KHz
Efficience 90 dB
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